Slamdrum Shells Only

Slamdrum Shells Only

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Slamdrum is a drum library recorded, edited, and mixed for the Native Instruments ‘Kontakt’ application. Slamdrum consists of one sampled drum set with multiple blending and tuning options.


Includes :

Processed and unprocessed .nki’s and .nkm files

Processed and unprocessed TCI’s for the shells

Slamdrum Drum Map

Separate Kontakt routing file


Recorded at : Rock Hill Sound (37 Studios)


Drum info :

Kick 22" DW Collectors Series
Snare 14"X6.5" Tama Starclassic
Accent Snare 13"X7" Pearl
Tom 1 10"X8” Tama Starclassic
Tom 2 12"X10" Tama Starclassic
Tom 3 14"X12" Tama Starclassic
Tom 4 16"X14" Tama Starclassic

Microphone info :

Kick In Shure Beta 91A

Kick Sub Moon Mic

Snare top 1 Shure sm57

Snare top 2 Audix i5

Snare bottom Shure sm57

Tom Microphones - Sennheiser md421



Pre amp info :


Kick in API 3124+

Kick Sub API 3124+

Snare top Neve 1073

Snare top 2 Api 3124+

Snare bottom Neve 1073

Toms Api 3124+




The Instruments are Kontakt 5+ instruments and they require the full version of Kontakt 5+ (version 5.5.2 or later)

Sound Examples Here:

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[widgetic-audio-play-button id=5aaaf8eaecb2a10a218b456a autoscale=on width=300 height=50 resize=fill-width]